Geo Super Angel Grey Review

Posted on: October 1, 2010

Hello! I’ve been meaning to turn this blog into a beauty blog for some time now, and this is my first attempt at it. Recently, I’ve been reading *a lot* of beauty blogs, and they inspired me to make product reviews of products I’ve tried in the past, to be of help to other girls out there. I don’t know why or how, but it seems that I am really inclined to write about beauty ever since high school (I remember my mini-thesis in high school was about the Perception of Beauty and Factors that define it for teens, and my college research paper was something similar to “Backlash”) I also hope, that by doing this, I’ll be able to meet a lot of other makeup enthusiasts, and share techniques with them.

So, blog on I shall.


The Geo Contact Lens have been around since 2007, and has gained popularity through the years, especially to cosplay enthusiasts, because of its range of designs and colors. The introduction of Geo Lens to the Philippines have made it possible for many people to do away with glasses, and enjoy sporting a variety of eye colors (Say, brown today, and pink tomorrow) at a very affordable price. From being priced at P1,000 per pair in 2008, the price for one pair has now dropped to 750 pesos, or cheaper! It’s good for one year use, and it’s also very safe to wear (provided that you practice good hygiene)

I’ve owned a number of contact lens before, three of which are Geo Lens. however, they’re not the kind that is wearable on ordinary days (they have designs that really make you look outlandish in a crowd). Also, it is important to note that I only buy contact lens for cosmetic and cosplay purposes. This means that my contacts do not need grades, and that I can see perfectly clear without them.

Only recently have I decided to buy some “normal-looking contacts”, something I can wear everyday, without turning heads. It was a tough decision which pair of contacts to buy,especially since I had to rely more on instinct than base my decisions on the sample photos contact lens resellers provide (most pics are photoshopped, and make the lens seem more obvious than they really are). I was going for a pair that would make my eyes look larger, yet won’t blank out my face (unlike the plain black 14.8mm lens). I consulted lots of photos online, from google search results, Circle Lens Tumblr Site, as well as video reviews from Youtube. This was when I finally decided that I’ll be getting the Geo Super Angel Grey Lens.

It comes in a vial packaging, wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the vial. (Wish I had photos to insert here)

The lens are definitely huge! It has a diameter size of 14.8mm, and the thick black outer rim definitely gives the illusion of big, doll-like eyes. It was not any more difficult to insert than the usual 14.0mm lens. It isn’t also difficult to remove.

Comfort-wise, it is not drying to the eyes. It also stays in place, unlike the Geo Twins that sometimes make your pupils look asymmetrical.

I liked how it looks so natural that people hardly notice you’re wearing contacts. The only thing that gives it away is its size. However, I really like the doll-like effect it gives. This lens also pop out in photos (and I do not literally mean that). You’ll definitely be able to see more of the color in photos.

I will definitely buy another pair from this series. But I really liked gray, so maybe I’ll just wait for this pair to expire until I buy a new one.


I definitely hope that this review helps someone out there. This is the first of the many product reviews to come. Please do watch out for it! 

♥ Han

PS: Please. DO NOT TAKE MY PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION. I trust that you won’t use my photos for your online shops. Thank you.


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