Avon’s Ultra Luxury Eye Liner

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner

I’m on the look out for a decent eyeliner, preferably a gel liner or a pencil liner.I’m currently using my in2it liquid liner, and I’m really happy with it. It’s just that, I cannot tightline using a liquid eyeliner (Don’t attempt, folks. It’s difficult, stupid, and useless.)

And so ensues my search for THE eyeliner that will give me that big, bright, beautifully lined eyes.

I started with Avon’s Ultra Luxury Eye Liner, only because someone offered me a brochure and I had to get something. Since I was dying to get a pencil liner, I got this. After three to five days, I received my eyeliner, and was very much excited to try tightlining using my new liner. Not applying it on my lower lids and upper lids, I gently lined my waterline. I got the effect I wanted. It lined my waterline well, and all was great.. until..

Until I blinked. It smudged like hell, I looked like I cried. I kept on wiping it off (since I wasn’t home that time) and people would take notice of my eyes (not because it looked great.. it looked horrible because of the smudge!). I hated it. I had to keep on coming back to the ladies room to wash it off my eyes with a wet handkerchief, which did not help so much. I had to go home looking like a raccoon.

Long story short, this product was a disappointment for me. It smudges, is not waterproof, doesn’t stay in place. I don’t think I can even pick it up to give it another try, because I’m too scared it might completely destroy my look again.

Will I buy this product again? A big NO, sadly.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my smudge-proof, non-flaking, black eyeliner very soon 🙂


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