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I was tinkering with this eyeliner-turned-enemy of mine, when I saw this little tag attached to it, which says something like:

“Do not apply on the waterline/ inner portion of the eyelids.”

..Which made me realize my mistake when I used the Avon Ultra Luxury EyeLiner to tightline! Sheesh. Why is this not written on Avon’s catalogue/ brochure? This would have prevented me from spending some $3, because the only reason I was looking for a black eyeliner was for the purpose of tightlining!

But this information made me think that this eyeliner is not all that hopeless (just don’t use it to tightline). I might give Avon’s Ultra Luxury Eyeliner another chance, and hopefully, it won’t smudge or run. Or else, it’s gonna be the waste bin for this little baby.


Just learned this today. This might help some people looking into shipping some items via LBC courier service 🙂

X-pouch : for files or documents only.

X-pack: T-shirts, items, among other things

LBC should put up a FAQ page for things like this. I had to call them up to understand the difference.

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