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It’s definitely weird to describe people as delicious, and at this point i’d like to clarify that i do not mean yummy nor am I a member of some secret cult of cannibals. To be delicious is to be desirable. And these are the eleven people that I definitely cannot do without in my life. If only I had 11 KFC Buckets to give each and everyone of them a delicious treat to show my love.

So, moving on to my list

1. Mom. Mom loves good food. She will never discount herself when it comes to food, because she deserves only the best kind of food to appease her appetite and make her feel better after a long day of hard work at the office or in the field. I know she’ll definitely enjoy it if she can have a KFC bucket with her favorite fixins — Mashed Potato and KFc coleslaw!

2. Dad. My dad deserves just as much love and pampering. Unlike my mom, my dad is not a picky eater. He only has one criteria when it comes to buying food: affordability. KFC is definitely our choice when it comes to affordable and fast food.

3. My housemate, Janmik. This big guy is our food expert at home. He loves mixing up food and recipes, which delight our stomachs to no end. I think that it would be great if I could return the favor, and give him a break from all the work that cooking entails by giving him his own KFC bucket he’ll be able to enjoy without breaking a sweat.

4. My bestfriend, Lynette. It would be awesome if I could just organize a mini-get together with my bestfriend who I haven’t seen for quite some time now. We can just watch a movie, and bum around with a chicken leg in one hand and a remote control in the other. Ahh, good days.

5. My previous roommate, Ate Leah. We used to be roommates for quite a while until both of us had to move out. I haven’t met up with her since. Like me who has already gotten used to living in a condo, Ate Leah values convenience. Even if it’s more expensive than whipping up food at home, if it means that good food can be enjoyed in just a matter of minutes, then we’re all for it. You enjoy food more when you’re not so tired or so hungry.

6. My boyfriend. Since both of us lead busy lives, we love eating at fast foods, and KFC is definitely on top of our picks. I can tell that he’d choose a spicy chicken thigh, and have a drink of Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

7. The head nurse of our unit, Sir Nick. He was very kind and accommodating to me when I was new at work. He knew that the work entailed from me would not be sisiw or chicken, like it seems. He deserves his own bucket of chicken!

8. My friend, Janine. We love our chicken, but we definitely love love love our gravy! This would definitely be a good chance to enjoy our bucket of KFC gravy, er, chicken 😀

9. Another dear friend, Lina. Lina and I can stuff ourselves with KFC chicken all day, if not for our diet regimens. =_= but this might be a good excuse to forget our diet, if only for one day!

10. An ex-coworker and colleague, Ms. Des. Ms. des always helps me out at my previous work, and she’s always so nice and sweet, despite the amount of work she has to juggle. I never got to thank her for all the help that she gave me, before I left for my new job. I wish I could fill her soul with just as much flavor, as she did with us during the time I was still working for them.

11. And lastly, I would give the eleventh bucket to my co-nurse, Ate Manessa. We already knew each other from college, and she was one year ahead of me. She was also one year ahead of me when I was assigned to the recovery room of the hospital I’m working for at the moment. Just as she was during college, ever friendly and helpful, going out of her way to help me cope with the difficulties that lay ahead, she did the same when I was new at work. I remember she treated me to a dessert after I finished sobbing one day after work. Work will always be difficult, but if you have friends like these, it will definitely be bearable. I know that she’ll appreciate a great big KFC bucket, because as nurses, we have to take care of our patients and fight hunger or discomforts brought about by hunger. A great big swanking KFC bucket will help her get through the day!

It was difficult organizing this list, because I couldn’t imagine being able to hand out KFC buckets of chicken to these people on my list. But if ever I’ll be fortunate enough to do so, I’ll thank my lucky stars for it! This isn’t just any kind of chicken, but the chicken we all love, from our run-to fastfood, Kentucky Fried Chicken 🙂

I was able to watch Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom yesterday with my parents. My mom was a big fan of the first movie, and we decided to treat her out on a movie date. I can’t believe it, halfway through the movie, I was crying! Such a baby, but the movie just proved to be so relevant, not because I was abandoned as a child, or was adopted by a duck, but because I had some things in my past I truly am not in peace with. If the theme of the first movie was fixed around cherishing the “today”, the second installment of the movie is summarized in this quote by The Soothsayer:

==========My contest entry to Between Bites’ contest starts here:

Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are, it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be… …So who are you?”

    The Past

I was one of those kids who graduated from High school during the peak of the demand for nurses abroad. I am also one of the children who were forced by her parents to go into nursing. I was an only child, and the responsibility to look after my parents would solely be mine after graduating from college. My parents wish to retire soon, and they just want me to be well off on my own, and still be able to support them when the time comes that they would choose to retire. I had to forget my dreams of becoming a makeup artist, a fashion designer, and leave all of those for a course that was a far cry from the glamorous world of fashion.

Years into my course, I knew that this wasn’t for me. I was severely depressed and noticed I had suicidal tendencies. I felt this was driving me to insanity, trying to love something that you don’t. Add to that the fact that I was enrolled in one of the top universities in the Philippines, with undeniably the highest standards of education here in the country. I was beyond stressed: crying myself to sleep every night, neglecting my health. I knew I just had to graduate, and I can get my life back.

The Present

    The happiest day of my life was the day of my board exams. I thought to myself, after this board exam, I will be free! I can do whatever I want with my life. Little did I know that God would have a different plan for me.

    It’s who I choose to be..

    I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam with flying colors. That’s me on the Top 8 spot.

    I got a job as a researcher and part time lecturer in the review center I studied in. — here’s me with a colleague and one of my students.

    This was taken during the final coaching. Me in the middle with my co-researchers and topnotchers.

    I did not give up on my dreams to become a makeup artist. I’ve been practicing since.

    What makes the John Robert Powers’ Personality Development Workshop so relevant today, for me personally, is my constant need to face people: I’m a nurse-midwife, and I must present myself well to my clients. I am also a lecturer, which entails that I have to teach in a manner that would 1) help my students relate to what I am teaching, 2) help my students relate to me. I know that the personality development workshop would help me achieve my dreams, whatever they may be, by helping me relate to anyone I face. I know that this is the first big step to success. 🙂

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